Press release 'III Women of Film Online Festival'

25 from March to 3 from April




• The Women of Film Online Festival is the first online event dedicated entirely to films directed by women. With it, Mujeres de Cine strengthens its commitment to Gender Equality and takes advantage of the possibilities of the network as a tool for promoting and exhibiting the work of filmmakers.

• The official section is made up of 10 well-known films directed by women that can be seen through MUJERES DE CINE VOD, a pioneering platform in female-authored cinema.

• The voucher for the festival is now available at the price of €6,95.

Madrid, March 16, 2022.- The Women of Film Online Festival, which will take place between March 25 and April 3, announces the Official Section of the contest with 10 outstanding films directed by women that can be seen online for 10 days on the festival website.




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