Rita Simoni: Urban Alchemy

Sample in Urban Café
Corner of Sucre and Donado. CABA.
From October 6 to November 2 from 2021

Holding an exhibition in a bar is quite a challenge. A bar that invites you to enjoy the meetings, with a large influx of avid public at this time (almost post-pandemic) where going out into the world is not only a necessity, but an urgency.
The interior space is not very large, however, the large windows link it with an exterior with a wide sidewalk, with a heated tent and a number of tables. The exhibition is carried out in the interior space, in two columns rigorously prepared to hang the work, separating table areas. In addition, this bar is located in a renovated urban area of ​​Buenos Aires, in Villa Urquiza. There is a long history behind, which possibly not everyone knows. At the time of the military dictatorship, entire plans were expropriated to build urban highways.
The only one that did not take place was the AU3, today down Donado from Av. Gral. Paz, until the continuation towards Virrey del Pino. During those years that part of the city was abandoned, with many vacant lots, some buildings standing, a few, taken over by homeless families, configuring a complex fabric of different densities. The wastelands were left out in the open, filling with layers of urban waste, and the always resilient nature grew in every possible crevice.
Rita Simoni has traveled that area countless times, taking photos. She clarifies that she is a persistent collector of urban archeology. Once he decided to carry out an intervention, for a whole day, with a blue corduroy armchair and found objects. Just before the area was fenced off for its transformation into what we see today: a neighborhood of modern residential buildings of medium and uniform height, with wide sidewalk spaces and a high-level gastronomic commercial display. Some of the original images and others that have become paintings and textiles, already material, are here, today, in Café Urbano, a name that is empathetic in itself with the exhibition. Pure alchemy, a reflection on our way of living. Rita simoni
Visual artist
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