Ileana Hochman
One-man exhibition in "A work, an artist"

Ileana-hochmann, August 2020
Photograph taken with a cell phone camera printed on film and paper
A cappella singing sound by mar pomponio

One-man exhibition in "A work, an artist"
Urban, alternative art exhibition space
From 5 to 25 August 2021
Free and free access
Sanchez de Bustamante 599 (bis)
City of Buenos Aires

By Adriana Schmorak Leijnse  

Ileana Hochmann, a visual artist born in Buenos Aires and trained in Rio de Janeiro, is exhibiting photographs taken with a cell phone camera at ASPO 2020 (preventive and compulsory social isolation), in the alternative art exhibition space "one work, one artist" , Sánchez de Bustamante 599 (bis), CABA, between August 5 and 25, 2021.
In the framework of the global isolation that caused the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the artist's work produces a look back on itself, observing the only thing from which she could not escape in the middle of the confinement: her own reflection.
Ileana decides to exercise a challenging reading of her reality, combative, marking a territory, presenting herself alive and creative even in adversity. It is observed all the time, it chooses to face the inevitable and turns it into a photographic record of its body going through a unique and unrepeatable experience, and from its nudity, it gives birth to a series of photographs that has only the scarce resources for its production that the confinement allowed -a cell phone and home lights- which were faithful allies of this artist who, at 75 years old, builds with her naked body a forceful feminine presence and empowered by irreverence.
Ileana Hochmann is an Argentine-Brazilian visual artist born in 1945. The first stage of her work deals with screen printing in an unconventional way, on alternative supports and in frequent dialogue with photography.
Ileana explains about her work: “My gaze and my working method reveal the search for a poetic archeology: a dialogue, an overlapping of layers that traverse time. Multidisciplinary, the work mutates, incorporates the various devices and possibilities that contemporaneity offers. During the isolation, in the confinement of my apartment, I faced my body and my old age, also discovering a tool that I had never used in my work: the cell phone camera. What resulted from this experience was to question the exposure of the body of a 75-year-old woman, considered by society as disposable material. "
Ileana Hochmann's main exhibitions are: “Una (S) +” at Oi Futuro-Rio de Janeiro (2021). "4ª COLETIVA EIXO 2020", EIXO Contemporary art. "Una (S) - Pasaje 17 - Buenos Aires (2018)," Uncertainty "Museo Caraffa - Córdoba (2018)," O pássaro observer "CC Recoleta -Bs As (2015)," SUB_19 "Palacio Pomphilij - Rome (2012) , “Línguafalolengua” Van Riel Bs. As. (2008), “Boarding Pass” Gallery 90 Contemporary Art - Rio de Janeiro (2006). He is currently participating in the "Residence in residences" project.
The urban space “A work, an artist”, of free, public access, in a concept of horizontality and democratization of the visual arts, houses this photographic exhibition by Ileana Hochmann until August 25, 2021.
"A work, an artist" is a project carried out by the artist Milagro Torreblanca. This project that has been developing since 1987 offers a simple proposal: to spread the work of contemporary visual artists, both established and emerging, and from the most diverse disciplines: painting, digital art, sculpture, drawing, engraving, textile art, photography, etc. installation, etc. This white cube structure unfolds a window that opens to us in the middle of our march through the street, to immerse ourselves in the universe created by an artist. The idea is to expose a single work by a single artist, in the most conventional and purist way possible, delicately illuminated.
“A work, an artist” invites us to take the work out onto the sidewalk, inserting it into the everyday, everything flows because art presents itself to us in our immediate surroundings, summoning us, drawing us towards that illuminated space.
The work is then on display for all to see, 24 hours a day. When the sun goes down, the lights of the space unfold and give us a constant point of attention in the middle of the deep night, to bring art closer and closer to people and give artists new ways of disseminating their works.


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