Interview with Michel Ocelot



Following the premiere of "Dilili in Paris" in Spanish cinemas, on May 31, we present a synopsis of this film, which was awarded the 2019 César Award for Best Animated Feature Film, and an interview with its director, Michel Ocelot, creator of the remembered "Kirikou" and "Azur and Asmar".
"Dilili in Paris" is set in the Paris of the Belle Époque. Dilili is a girl from New Caledonia, who investigates a series of mysterious disappearances in the company of her friend Orel. In the course of her investigation, she will meet many extraordinary characters who will give her clues and help her in her search.
This brave young heroine faces mysteries and discoveries, kidnappings and trials, extraordinary locations and magical encounters, in which good will challenge the forces of evil.
Michel Ocelot tells in this interview the reasons why he chose the Paris of the Belle Époque, and a combination of photography and 2D animation to animate the settings and their charming characters.




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