Jane Fonda receives the Grand Vermeil Medal from the City of Paris
Within the framework of the press conference that opened the 8th edition of the Paris Cinéma Festival

The 8th edition of the Paris Cinéma Festival will take place between July 3 and 13, 2010, in 13 theaters in the French capital.

The famous American actress Jane Fonda received the Vermeil Grand Medal from the Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, during the press conference of the 8th Festival Paris Cinéma. The ceremony took place at the Palace of the City Hall of the city of Paris, on Thursday, June 10, 2010.

The building with its majestic carpeted marble stairs, murals and large oil paintings covering the walls and vaults, columns, capitals and arches richly ornamented with gold leaf, and huge fringe chandeliers, gave an imposing setting to the event, as if waiting for the arrival of a member of royalty was involved.
In the great room on the first floor, a cluster of countless and uncontrollable photojournalists was crowded around the 72-year-old Hollywood star, Jane Fonda. In response, she confronted the platoon, firing her camera in turn in order to take pictures of the group of journalists and the public, which she then posted on her personal blog.

Jane Fonda during the Paris Cinéma Festival press conference. Photo: Paris Cinema Festival

In the absence of Charlotte Rampling, president of the festival, who was shooting a film in Australia, it was Mayor Bertrand Delanoë himself who acted as host, delivering a beautiful speech that moved the actress to tears: "Thank you for her universal and human look at cinema, for moving us as only a huge actress like you can."

Jane Fonda receives the Grand Vermeil Medal from the city of Paris, from Mayor Bertrand Delanoë. Photo: Paris Cinema Festival

In another passage, he referred to the committed activism of Jane Fonda in her fight against all forms of totalitarianism, against the use of nuclear energy for war purposes and in favor of the rights of women and minorities, beyond gender, race or religion: "I love the United States, but the United States that demonstrated against the Vietnam War, the United States that loves other peoples of the world," Delanoë said, visibly moved. Minutes later, he presented her with the Great Vermeil Medal of the City of Paris. A glass of champagne offered to each of those present closed the elegant and emotional evening.

Comedy duo Les Romanesques. Photo: Cinecritic.biz


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