On this occasion we will analyze "Eyes Wide Shut" by the American film director, screenwriter, producer and photographer, nationalized British, Stanley Kubrick. This is an analysis of the occult symbology in Kubrick's latest film and therefore the text contains spoilers.
Kubrick was born in Manhattan, New York on July 26, 1928 and died in St. Albans, United Kingdom, on March 7, 1999. He is considered by many to be one of the most influential filmmakers of the XNUMXth century, both for his technical precision as well as for the remarkable stylization and deep symbolic load of his films.
Among his thirteen films are such classics as Paths of Glory (1957), Spartacus (1960), Lolita (1962), Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964), 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), A Clockwork Orange (1971), Barry Lyndon (1975), The Shining (1980), Full Metal Jacket (1987), and Eyes Wide Shut (1999).
Let's talk about this latest feature film. The story begins when Dr. Bill Harford (Tom Cruise) and his wife Alice (Nicole Kidman) are preparing to attend a private party, invited by one of his patients, Victor Ziegler (Sidney Pollack), a New York billionaire. . While the couple is dancing, Bill recognizes the pianist. When the orchestra takes a break, Bill walks over to talk to pianist and former college classmate Nick Nightingale (Todd Field). Victor Ziegler's secretary tells Nick to go back to his place at the piano. Before leaving, Nick tells Bill that when he wants to get in touch with him again, he can go to the Sonata Café where he is hired to play piano at soirées.
Meanwhile, Alice drinks champagne and dances with a Hungarian guest named Sandor Szavost (Sky Dumont), who asks her to have sex upstairs. However, she sees two women attempting to seduce her husband Bill, and rather offhandedly, she shows Sandor the wedding ring and tells him that she is married.
A person approaches Bill to ask him to go up to an upper bathroom to attend to an emergency. Bill goes up some wide and majestic stairs to the bathroom, where he sees a naked woman sprawled on an armchair, with clear signs of an overdose of some psychotropic drug. She is former beauty queen Amanda Curran, played by Abigail Good.
That same night there is an argument between Bill and Alice in the double room of the penthouse. Alice, apparently jealous of Bill's dialogue with the two women at the party, takes revenge on her husband by recounting a sexual fantasy she had with an Army officer on a trip many years ago. 

The rainbow and other masonic symbols

This director left us codified who actually wields power, what kind of rituals they perform and describes the two worlds, that of the masses, and the other world, the one beyond the rainbow.
This arch was named after the goddess Iris, represented as a beautiful winged young woman who frequently carries messages from the gods to men. All the colors of the rainbow are actually a refraction of white light. It would therefore be white, the supposed seventh color of the Rainbow and not indigo, popularly recognized as such.
The rainbow phenomenon is virtual, potential, and an observer must exist at a certain point in order to appreciate its manifestation. This means that each observer is truly perceiving a different rainbow, and to the extent that we move or move, we are seeing a different manifestation of this atmospheric phenomenon.
As Dorothy sings in "The Wizard of Oz", the rainbow is the place where dreams are born, it is the place where reality disappears and unreality becomes visible, deceiving the observer, a point where dreams are confused with reality. reality. For Masons, the symbol of the rainbow represents the sleeping, the lying down, the transmutation of the free human into a slave of illusion.
The rainbow is an optical illusion by which we see white light fragmented into three primary and three secondary colors. The whole film could be a dream, or maybe not. Because we have our eyes tightly closed when we sleep, but the Masonic eye that sees everything is always open. In reality, we remain with our eyes tightly closed so as not to see reality as it is, so as not to draw back the curtain and see what is behind it. Perhaps we would find that the magician is indeed a fraud.
In “Ojos Wide Cerrados” the lights of the rainbow are represented in the Christmas lights that are found everywhere in houses, mansions and streets. The world we live in is an illusory world and as ordinary people we do not have access to the Great Knowledge, which would be the source of white light.
The rainbow then appears in the window of the costume shop where Bill walks in to rent a Venetian mask and cape, just like we see in the film they use in the Illuminati ritual round. There he meets Leelee, the owner's daughter, a teenage nymphet who tempts Cruise's character, somewhat reminiscent of Lolita, the main character in Kubrick's film of the same name. This is the first accusation against pederasty in this film, since Leelee (played by Leelee Sobieski) is visibly a minor.
One of the most important sequences is the one in which the couple goes to the party of Victor Ziegler, Bill's patient. Alice and Bill are a young couple that does not work very well in intimacy, which creates a crisis between them, as a marriage. They try again and again to make it work, but Alice continues to express her doubts.
The mansion where the Ziegler party takes place reminds us of a Masonic temple, the world of the initiate. Since the apprentice (in this case Bill) crosses the porch of the temple, he begins his Masonic life. The apprentice enters the temple through a porch surrounded by two columns. In the film the two columns are represented by the two tall women, the two models who accompany Bill down a long corridor. One of the models reminds Bill that they had already met once at Rockefeller Center.
In Rockefeller Center we can find a giant statue of Prometheus. The Greek demigod who stole the fire of knowledge from the gods and was therefore punished by a bird that devours his entrails every day. Some scholars identify Prometheus with the fallen angel punished by God, Lucifer. Then appears the first allusion to the idol to which Masons truly pay homage, Lucifer.
In another scene we see Bill climbing a majestic staircase, which represents the ascent to the top within the lodge. The mansion of the wealthy and eccentric Victor Ziegler is, in fact, the Luton Hoo Hotel in Bedfordshire, UK. The party in this mansion is theoretically a Christmas party, but more likely it is an effective way to recruit new adherents to the sect.
At the top of the stairs awaits the Grand Mason of the Lodge, Victor Ziegler, the host of the Christmas party. Calculating the equivalent of the letters in numbers of the name Victor, it gives us 33, which is the maximum degree within Freemasonry. The ladder also represents the degrees that matter has to ascend to achieve a true spiritual degree. The highest degrees of Freemasonry learn that they are superior to the rest of mortals.
The name Bill is a reference to the dollar bill. The doctor played by Tom Cruise fixes everything with money and with his medical credentials. In reality, it is a criticism of the middle class that, while struggling to survive, is blind to what is happening around them. On the dollar bill, an eye appears within a separate pyramid from the main pyramid. The top pyramid is the Illuminati, while the bottom truncated pyramid is the mass of people ruled by them.
The all-seeing eye is the left eye that observes everything from a high vantage point. It is inspired by the eye of the Egyptian god Horus. Another interesting matter regarding banknotes is that the different denominations of the euro were printed according to the colors of the rainbow. 

In the end Bill and Alice resolve to continue with their marriage despite the disagreements that separate them. The film tells us that the family as we know it is an invention of the middle class that the highest elite does not support. This elite represents only 1% of the planet's inhabitants, and yet it is this small circle that manipulates the strings of power. It is a group of people who consider themselves superior to the rest, they have no moral limits, they do not feel shame or guilt for the consequences of their actions.
Despite all the horrible and sinister of its denunciations, the film also shows the different types of love: marital love, couple love, brotherly love, parental love, love of others (the most paradigmatic case is the sacrifice of Mandy to save Bill, with no personal relationship between them other than doctor and patient).
No type of love appears in the black mass, dominated by betrayal, lust and exacerbated power, death, submission to women, prostitution, violence. Kubrick shows the bright and dark sides of New York society, and of human civilization, by extension.
Film poster: the purple background indicates temptation and also the mixture of red and blue, of the physical and the spiritual. Bill has his eyes closed, as the title of the film indicates, but Alice does not, she looks at herself in the mirror. The eye we see of hers in the poster is the reflection in the mirror of her left eye, the all-seeing eye, which indicates that, probably, she already belonged to the Masonic circle before presenting Bill.
Due to the way in which the two figures were positioned in front of the mirror, they give the appearance of two faces merged into one: the feminine side and the masculine side, light and shadow, the Jungian anima and animus. It is like a head divided in two, in which the female part is much more illuminated than its male counterpart.
Another important detail is that Bill is holding Alice by the neck. On the one hand, it is her support and on the other, he gives the impression of being about to hang her, while her ring finger with the wedding ring can be seen very clearly. In other words, it is marriage, an invention of the middle class and of the Christian church, that is drowning women, but also the feminine aspect of men, since the two are one, in their feminine and masculine aspects. 

Some indications that Kubrick was trying to tell us something about the pedophile rings infiltrated in the satanic sects.

  1. At the bottom of the steps of Ziegler's mansion you can see a sculpture of Venus and Cupid kissing. This link between the gods has incestuous connotations, since Venus was the mother of Cupid, who is also represented as a child with wings.
  2. Child prostitution is symbolized by secret societies through the symbol of the rainbow, but also through the monarch butterfly, a symbol of metamorphosis. At the end of its metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a multicolored winged being, the butterfly in its adult phase is already "programmed" to fly and undertake a long journey to warmer regions.
    Three generations later, the new butterflies will "know" when, how and where to return. Sometimes they return, even to the very trees from which their ancestors had flown. It is because of this kind of natural programming that it is associated with the MK-Ultra mind control technique, used by the CIA and the FBI in the '60s and '70s. This technique is currently prohibited due to the use of illicit substances that the experimenters used on their "guinea pigs".
  3. In these black masses, the Illuminati who lived in the eighteenth century celebrated blood rituals, sacrificing children and young people to drink their blood, believing that this increased their power.
  4. The musical background of the complete sequence of the ritual was composed by Jocelyn Pook under the title of "Masked Ball". This song contains samples of a divine liturgy from the Romanian Orthodox Church, which as if it weren't scary enough, is turned upside down, establishing the equivalent of an inverted cross.
    Others maintain that the music that is heard in the background is a hymn sung backwards in honor of Pharaoh Cheops, whose lyrics speak of offering the sacrifice of children and babies to the sovereign.
  5. There are those who think that Kubrick was poisoned with a substance impossible to detect once its function had been fulfilled. In 2002, Nicole Kidman (the actress who plays Alice Harford) told the American magazine The National Enquirer that, during the post-production of "Eyes Wide Shut", Kubrick assured them that: "they are going to poison us all, so quickly that We won't even have time to sneeze”, in reference to the danger that, according to his words, the technical and artistic team of the film ran due to the encrypted denunciations that were about to be projected on the screen.
  6. In the scene where Alice is reading the newspaper and Helena is watching TV, there is a book on the table called “The Grinch Stole Christmas” (the Grinch stole Christmas). The Grinch is a childish character, albeit nefarious, who represents the other face of Santa Claus. He scares the children instead of giving them presents and steals Christmas from them.
    Already the term "steal" has a significant negative charge, especially considering that it is a child character. In a way it is like naturalizing crime in the minds of children who have barely been literate.
    Later, during the orgy scene, we find the Grinch again in the form of a green mask being worn by an anonymous male character. Once again the theme of the double appears, since the Grinch is the evil double of Santa Claus.
  7.  During the first few minutes of the satanic ritual on the red carpet, the black-cloaked people surrounding the priest are too short to be standing adults. They could be kneeling adults or perhaps make up a circle of pubescents. Arms outstretched on the rug show submission to the master. It's not overtly expressed, but it can be about underage sex slaves, like Leelee.
  8. The entire sequence in the suit and costume rental business, where Leelee is discovered by her father with two Japanese men dressed as women, is a direct or indirect allusion to occult pedophile practices in certain circles, such as in Hollywood, for example. In addition, the mere comparison between clothing and costumes is interesting, since our society is shown, in a certain way, as a staging in which there would be no substantial difference between the two items of clothing. Here the theme of the double appears again: two Japanese, the male-female duality, the duality of daytime clothing and costume.
  9. In the last sequence at the toy store, Bill and Alice stop to discuss whether or not to continue their marriage. During the discussion they do not notice that Helena lets go of their hand to continue walking unprotected, following two men in suits and hats who are already walking towards the end of the toy shelves towards the exit door.
  10. Those shelves are full of tiger dolls that, as we said, symbolically substitute the idea of ​​prostitution. Added to this is the fact that the girl is called Helena, a Greek queen who was kidnapped by the Trojans according to ancient mythology.
    The two hatted men Helena follows into the toy store were at the first party, so they were likely acquaintances of Ziegler and part of Luciferian society. The entire sequence in the toy store is a warning light that Kubrick wanted to pass on to us in the form of a covert message.
  11. In the abstract painting that hangs over Helena's bed, you can read the letters "S" "E" and "X" hidden between the lines of the drawing. With this sequence Kubrick closes the encrypted messages regarding the pedophile inclination of these sects. 

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