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Cia. dos Atores is presented by Julius Caesar — ​​Parallel Lives. Work created from the classic Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare and the text Vidas Paralelas, by the Greek historian Plutarco. A peça is presented from May 5 to June 25, 2023 at Teatro Poeira.
With the dramaturgy and direction of Gustavo Gasparani, a montage part of Shakespeare's tragedy Julius Caesar to address the intricate relations of power during the rehearsals of a theater company that is preparing a montage of the famous Roman emperor. Julius Caesar — ​​Parallel Lives has already been on at Oi Futuro Flamengo in January 2023.

To original work: Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare
Originally published in 1599, the work of a historical-political nature recounts the conspiracy that led to the assassination of the great Roman dictator Júlio César. Shakespearean drama proposes a pertinent reflection on social and political quests that range from Roman Antiquity to the XNUMXth century of the Elizabethan Era, with characters involved in power disputes, intrigues, manipulations and betrayals.

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