As a reference to ancient Europe in Wim Wenders' film The Sky Over Berlin (1987), from the beginning of the film there is a relationship with Rainer Maria Rilke's "Fourth Elegy" in his famous Duino Elegies, where childhood is imposed. as a stage of happiness.

As a great metaphor for the division of Germany with the famous Berlin Wall, the wall that separates the East and West of the city, this wall is a reflection of the beings that inhabit the city, closed, impenetrable, who live their world without anyone can get them out of their vital ostracism.

There are many dead times, waiting, where the man knows that his life is full of routine and neglect. Next to this world of men who can do nothing to save themselves from their destiny, are the angels, who are capable of reunifying with their eyes the Germany that separates the wall.

The angel (played by Bruno Ganz) throws himself into the stories of the desperate people who live in Berlin, but he is a being who suffers because he cannot apprehend the little things, they are beings who do not feel the pain of human beings: back home, take off your shoes, feed the cat, have a fever, get ink on your fingers, etc.

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