Madrid, September 1, 2022.- Coinciding with the Madrid Gallery Weekend Opening, the LUISA PITA Art Gallery, in Santiago de Compostela, opens on September 8 the exhibition ´Fibras that speak for themselves´, by the South African artist Pierre Louis Geldenhuys , at the Nueva Las Letras Gallery (Madrid).

The exhibition, curated by Pedro Vaquerizo and Luisa Pita, is made up of fourteen recently created works. Silk fabrics, fiberglass and LED light are the basic materials that make up the creative world of Pierre Louis Geldenhuys, transmitting through these not only an aesthetic effect, but also a series of readings and interpretations of tradition and the technology. 

Each work, unique pieces of fabric, are the result of a geometric engineering project in which the silk is manipulated based on folds and in which the proportion, order, regularity and beauty become even more surprising by incorporating the led light, achieving three-dimensional shapes and encapsulating each work in a methacrylate box.

From the ancient art of tessellation to the most innovative contemporary art

A multifaceted and curious artist, he began in the world of art with stitched collages, a hybrid technique based on traditional art and contemporary textile art to gradually turn his attention to the investigation of the ancient technique of tessellation with natural fibers, especially wild silk. 

As he develops this technique, he incorporates another material, fiberglass, which plays a fundamental role in giving the work a conceptual character. Hundreds of meters of thread are hung, swayed and suspended across the entire surface.

From the idea of ​​"living and moving work", 7 pieces entitled 'Preservat' are developed for this exhibition that highlight the synergies between the artist's creative process and the conservation of nature, paying homage to the wide variety and richness of ecosystems and claiming the need to preserve natural resources from invading agents, conveying to society the message of conserving and caring for our planet.

New technologies and digital fiber play an important role in the artist's work, creating, through video mapping, multiple geometric interpretations that the artist transmits to the viewer by projecting and superimposing them on some of his most complex works, in such a way that the movement and rhythm of each projection become part of the nature and immaterial essence of the work.

´Fibras that speak for themselves´ represents the most arduous and committed work of Geldenhuys. Until October 2, his creativity will tour the New Gallery space, transferring the ancient art of tessellation to the most innovative contemporary art. 

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